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Quiz corner was developed to keep us sharp. The correct answers are available by clicking on the answers button. To access our 6 comprehensive CHT practice exams, which are updated yearly, and provide you detailed explanations and references CLICK HERE.

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Test Your Knowledge 29 - 9/21/2009 Answers
1. A fracture subluxation of the first metacarpal base (Thumb) is known as
a. Bartons'
b. Bennetts'
c. Rolandos'
d. Gamekeepers'
2. Chauffeurs' fracture is a
a. fracture of the radial styloid
b. hamate Fx
c. fracture of the distal ulna
d. comminuted 2nd MC fracture
3. What's the approximate motion loss (wrist ext/flex) after a single row fusion?
a. 12%
b. 27%
c. 45%
d. 68%
4. An injury to the superficial radial nerve would cause.
a. deficiency of digital extension
b. sensory and motor deficits
c. weakness of the Thumb
d. sensory deficits for the radial dorsal aspect of the thumb and partial hand
5. An Essex Lopresti injury involves
a. fracture of radius and ulna, injury to the interosseous membrane
b. no fracture - just a sprain
c. displaced radial head fracture w/disruption of interosseous membrane and distal radioulnar ligaments
d. none of the above
6. Which tendon most commonly ruptures s/p distal radius fracture?
a. EPB
c. EIP
d. EPL
7. What is the primary stabilizer of the distal radial ulnar joint (DRUJ)?
a. ECR
b. SL ligament
d. interosseous membrane
8. What is a Mallet fracture?
a. dorsal base of the distal phalanx
b. pilon
c. tuft
d. dorsal PIPJ
9. What is the normal loading pattern for the carpus on the distal radius?
a. 50% radial and 20% ulnar
b. 80% through distal radius and 20 % ulna
c. 20% radial and 80% ulnar
d. none of the above
10. Excision/resection of the distal ulna is commonly known as the
a. Suave Kapandji procedure
b. distal radiocarpectomy
c. ulnar shortening
d. Darrach procedure
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