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Quiz corner was developed to keep us sharp. The correct answers are available by clicking on the answers button. To access our 6 comprehensive CHT practice exams, which are updated yearly, and provide you detailed explanations and references CLICK HERE.

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Test Your Knowledge 38 - 8/2/2010 Answers
1. Negative ulnar variance is associated with:
a. Space of Parona
b. ECRB tendonitis
c. intersection syndrome
d. Kienbock's disease
2. What is the "antidote" for hydrofluoric acid burns?
a. calcium gluconate
b. water
c. salt
d. vinegar
3. What does SLAC stand for?
a. still ligament average cells
b. scaphoid ligament apparent collide
c. scapho lunate advanced collapse
d. stellar lunate advanced corpusle
4. Cortical ring sign is associated with what injury?
a. LT injury
b. SL injury
c. TT injury
d. PRC injury
5. A bony prominence arising at the base of the second or third metacarpal is a:
a. dislocation
b. fracture
c. ganglion
d. boss
6. Which tendon is part of the first dorsal extensor compartments
a. Extensor pollicus longus
b. Extensor pollicis brevis
c. Abductor pollicis brevis
d. all of the above
7. What is the most common type of PIP joint dislocation?
a. dorsal
b. volar
c. lateral
d. they are equally common
8. What is the most commonly injured CMC joing?
a. 2nd
b. 3rd
c. 4th
d. 5th
9. Which of the following is not an absolute indication for digital replantation?
a. thumb amputation
b. multiple digit amputation
c. pediatric amputation
d. a single digit amputation in a female patient
10. What is the first step of a replantation process?
a. bony stabilization
b. identification of the arteries/veins/nerves/tendons
c. wound debridement
d. nerve repair
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