I PASSED THE CHT! I used the basics and beyond promo package CHT test preparation and the Hand and UE quick reference guide. I had a baby 9 months ago and knew this would be a helpful way to study and still be able to spend time with my baby girl. I went through each section and quiz when I didn’t have patients, at night and on the weekends. Everything was organized and to the point. I didn’t feel overwhelmed with information and it taught me many clinical pearls that I now use in my practice. The original package comes with 3 practice exams but I opted to buy the other 3 for extra practice. I’m VERY happy I did this as they are all different and I got a wide variety of questions that were just like the actual CHT exam. After I went through all the sections and took all 6 exams, I went to the ASHT Hand therapy review course. I felt very prepared from the Exploring hand therapy online courses and felt like this package covers EVERYTHING you need to know. The month before the test, I spent my time retaking each examination for extra practice. I loved this package and have suggested it to everyone I know who is preparing for the CHT.